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At Schmidthaus, our company has set quality, reliability and innovation as a priority. We are developing a range of products to improve your everyday life while abiding to a philosophy of respect for nature and environmental wellness.

Beyond our convictions, Schmidthaus brings real energy solutions due to the quality and innovative nature of our sustainable building practices. We guarantee optimum living environments, safe and of high quality. At Schmidthaus, we pride ourselves in combining quality, innovation, reliability, and well-being.

Building with Schmidthaus guarantees a serene, respectful, and ecological future.

We make the quality of components a point of honor, and guarantee full transparency on the environmental impact of our products. (We guarantee high quality production of our ranges, these being products of Europe.)

To show our commitment and investment in sustainable development. A tree is offered to individuals, communities and professionals for each construction.

The Brick SchmidtHaus

The brick Schmidthaus is created to facilitate the implementation at the site and optimize construction time. It also provides by its comprising wood, unequaled thermal resistance to date. The structure of the brick Schmidthaus allows to have no thermal bridge over its entire surface, which is not the case of clay bricks. A compression layer is added in a molding that makes the brick Schmidthaus 100% airtight and water. The rooms of the brick Schmidthaus are filled with wood fiber, an environmentally friendly product.

A top and bottom lid seals the brick, they are grooved and tongue glued together thus facilitating the mounting. A low and high Lisse having the same performance as standard brick stabilizes the whole. Brick Schmidthaus connects to the end on the smooth and makes everything tight.

Compared to a brick 37 cm thick having a RT of 3.09 and a weight of 19.4kg brick Schmidthaus to R.T of 7.01 and a weight of 7.7kg. Is it standard and passive. 

For the concept to be a complete équère brick, window and brick lintels are designed in the same spirit. Brick Schmidthaus is the green revolution.

Patented System


Standard brick

R.T 7.01 Weight 7.7Kg L.50 cm l.31.4 cm H.25 cm

R.T 7.01 Weight 17Kg L.100 cm l.31.4 cm H.25 cm


Passive brick

R.T 10.45 Weight 10.4Kg L.50 cm l.46.8 cm H.25 cm

R.T 10.45 Weight 20.8Kg L.100 cm l.46.8 cm H.25 cm


Square and Smooth brick

Standard bracket brick R.T 7.01 H.25 cm l.31.4 cm * 50 cm * 100 cm

Passive bracket brick R.T 10.45 H.25 cm l.46.8 cm * 50 cm * 100 cm

Smooth Low and High Standard H.12.7 l. 31.4 cm L.200 cm Passive H.12.7 l. 46.8 cm L.200 cm



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